Blending 2 powerhouse therapies–a healing dynamo…

lightningEverything in me is about helping people heal. For, dare I say, almost 30 years now my driving question has been how can I help people (and myself) heal—fast, totally, deeply and permanently from life’s traumas (big and small)?

EMDR is a technique developed by Francine Shapiro about a decade ago. I studied with her when EMDR was in its mere infancy. It’s a powerful healing technique and one of the few that actually has some serious documented efficacy research under its wings.

EFT has hit the modern, quick fix world and has taken it by storm in the last few years. Being presented in one huge teleseminar after another. It’s a great self help tool everyone should have in their belts for all kinds of pains—emotional and physical. And in the therapy room, it’s stupendous as it helps us navigate and move through issues that so often hit blocks.

Right now I’m blending the two—EMDR and EFT. The results are incredible. It’s fast, it‘s thorough, it uncovers hidden issues and limiting beliefs, it clears from the core out.

Powerful stuff!

© Rhegina Sinozich, LCSW-C