Perception–maybe it’s time for a change.

A native American Indian walks out and looks up at the sky–“AHHHHHH….. father sun.” He feels connected to All That Is. He feels spiritually open and supported. Life is good.

A Wall Street executive walks out of his office for lunch. He looks up at the sky, sees the sun, grumbles about the heat, puts his head down and heads for the food vendor. He feels hot, irritated and overwhelmed.

Same sun, different perception.

Just a thought.

© 2013 Rhégina Sinozich



The power of anger in a new age–anger and the law of attraction.

We’re all taught from a pretty young age to keep our anger under lock and key. If it’s not held in tightly, it’s dangerous. Your anger has most likely gotten you in trouble with parents, teachers, lovers, the list is long.

Then along came new age thinking and the law of attraction and anger got an even worse name. Now you’re just attracting more anger. You need to shift. You need to be positive. What you focus on grows. That’s true. But…..

But it’s a little more complicated than that. Sometimes you add salt to a sweet dish and it doesn’t turn the dish salty, it brings the sweetness out.

Anger has a legitimate place in our lives. It’s when we misuse it or direct it randomly that we get ourselves into trouble.

Anger is a place we drive through, it’s not a parking lot. All too often we drive into the Anger Parking Space and we stay as long as we can. We vent. We rage. We yell at others. We feel justified. There’s a deliciousness in the negativity.

We’re not meant to stay in anger. We’re meant to drive through. Yes, through–not around, not over, not under, but through. We’re meant to experience it, own it, use it.

Sometimes anger can lift us right out of depression. If we’re stuck in a dark hole, just catching a thread of anger can be the release we need. We go from depression to ranting and raving at the universe. And then comes the important part–we keep going, we don’t stop here. We don’t move in and set up shop.

We reframe. We take ownership of what we’re creating. We move through into action. We ask our higher selves in meditation “what am I meant to learn from this?” “How do I best move through this?” “What would you have me do now?” We understand that everything in our lives serves a purpose and our purpose is always to step into light.

Sometimes the path of anger is the fastest way from darkness into light. Explore your anger. Explore it in the privacy of your own mind, in your journal, in the silence of your inner self. Don’t exploit it or spew it onto others. Use it for your highest purposes.

© 2013 Rhégina Sinozich


Money can’t buy happiness–or can it?

Few things are prized more in our western cultures than power and money. The message is strong and clear: you get money, you get happiness. The more money, the more happiness. It’s laced into all of our commercials, it’s laced into the very fiber of our society. Money buys happiness.

Of course you and I aren’t so foolish as to buy into this get happy quick scheme. After all we have endless examples of people with incredible wealth and very little happiness. Hollywood being the prime hot bed for such examples.

And yet, still, some little part of you holds out. The illusion has been planted deep within. Money is fun. A lot of money would be the thing that would tip the scales forever in your favor for major happiness.

No, money doesn’t buy happiness per se, but it sure would make things so much easier. Or would it?

Tony Robbins is one of this century’s greatest motivational gurus. He stands as a towering 6′ 7″ example of financial success and happiness; the personification of “money buys happiness.” Surely, for Tony Robbins, money buys happiness.

Tony tells a wonderful story however. One we can learn much from. The day Tony’s company went public he made millions. He was at the height of his career–fame and fortune galore. A fairytale. And yet that night he talks about going home depressed, really depressed. One of his biggest dreams had just come true. He had banked millions. But still he went home depressed. The money, the fame, the success didn’t touch what was happening inside Tony.

There are no shortcuts to living. Living is hard at times. That seems so obvious as to be mindlessly ridiculous. And yet, you and I aren’t immune to searching for the quick way through. We so want to believe that some people side track the harshness of life. That perhaps money can buy happiness after all and if we can just get our hands on a major coffer full we’ll be just fine.

Tony Robbins reminds us that there are no such shortcuts. Money is fun but it makes no difference whatsoever in the currency of life. Life is what life is and no amount of money or success can bypass it.

We’re here to grow and evolve and just like water etching patterns into sandstone, life will etch itself into our psyches invited or not. Money or not.

© 2013 Rhégina Sinozich


Who do you think you are?

Seriously—who do you think you are? What’s the story you tell yourself and others about yourself? When was that story written? By whom? How does it leave you feeling? Are you a hero? A villain? Courageous? A loser?

The truth of the matter is that your story is mostly likely seriously in need of revision, if not a total and complete overhaul! Chances are the original author wasn’t even you on a moderately good day!

Your story is most often written when you’re at your most critical. It’s peppered with the angry, disappointed, and judgmental words that came flying out of your 3rd grade teacher’s mouth. It’s punctuated by those looks that cut you to the quick from your lover at a tender moment or that stranger’s glare on the train in New York city or your father’s disdain at your latest scheme.

Your story drives your life. It drives every choice you make, every interaction you have. It flavors every millisecond of your day.

Unwittingly, a lot of us have stacked the deck against love and happiness, success and health and wealth—all those good things we say we want.

But stories can be rewritten. Pick up a piece of paper and pencil, or a laptop and start writing. Seriously. Right now. This is important!

Write your story. Write it as it comes to you. What do you tell yourself about yourself? Let it flow—the good, the bad and the ugly.

Wait a few hours, go do something else, and then come back and read it. How do you feel? Empowered? Proud? Courageous? Authentic? Alive? If you don’t, rewrite the story.

Imagine that this is the story of the person (or animal!) you love most on the planet. Think about that person. Feel the love you have for that person. From that place of love, write about yourself. Every time you slip out of love, stop. Refocus. Reconnect with love and write some more. This process may take many tries but the fruits of your labor on this one will be far reaching!

Happy re-writing.

© 2013 Rhégina Sinozich

The best 5 minutes you’ll ever spend…

If there’s something in your life you really want but it seems just beyond impossible-you can’t even imagine it, it seems more unlikely than chocolate chips falling from the sky-then there’s a step you can’t miss. You have a date with 5 minutes and the sooner the better! Take those 5 minutes. In fact, take them right now…

Get comfortable, close your eyes and imagine. Imagine that thing-that condition that you really want-is already here. Imagine it’s already in existence. Feel it. Live it. Be it. Hear it. Live it with all of your senses. Live it out loud. Amplify the feelings. Basque in them.

Negative head talk starts to pipe in? Telling you all the reasons why this can’t happen? Why this will never be? No problem, just sidestep it. Refocus on all the great feelings and keep turning up the volume. Refocus. Refocus. Refocus. Command your attention to focus on the possible, to focus on the positive.

5 minutes that’s all it takes. 5 minutes here, 5 minutes there. Before long you’ve practiced the vibration of what you want so strongly, that it’s just a tiny step from imagination to reality.

Happy visioning-make it a daily practice, it truly is the best 5 minutes you’ll ever spend. Practice your dreams into possible.

© 2013 Rhégina Sinozich