The best 5 minutes you’ll ever spend…

If there’s something in your life you really want but it seems just beyond impossible-you can’t even imagine it, it seems more unlikely than chocolate chips falling from the sky-then there’s a step you can’t miss. You have a date with 5 minutes and the sooner the better! Take those 5 minutes. In fact, take them right now…

Get comfortable, close your eyes and imagine. Imagine that thing-that condition that you really want-is already here. Imagine it’s already in existence. Feel it. Live it. Be it. Hear it. Live it with all of your senses. Live it out loud. Amplify the feelings. Basque in them.

Negative head talk starts to pipe in? Telling you all the reasons why this can’t happen? Why this will never be? No problem, just sidestep it. Refocus on all the great feelings and keep turning up the volume. Refocus. Refocus. Refocus. Command your attention to focus on the possible, to focus on the positive.

5 minutes that’s all it takes. 5 minutes here, 5 minutes there. Before long you’ve practiced the vibration of what you want so strongly, that it’s just a tiny step from imagination to reality.

Happy visioning-make it a daily practice, it truly is the best 5 minutes you’ll ever spend. Practice your dreams into possible.

© 2013 Rhégina Sinozich

The fastest shortcut…

319443main_AGN_frame_nasaWe’re impatient. It just is. We want what we want and we want it now.

We live in a world of immediate and fast gratification. We want info? All we have to do is google it. We want water? We just pour ourselves a glass. We want music? We flip a switch.

Then there are those things that we really want in our lives—the love of a lifetime, the business that takes off, the abundance that leaves us feeling like we’re overflowing, the well being that springs us out of bed every morning.

We’re trained to push. We’re programmed to charge forward—to make a plan and execute them no matter what.

But there’s a catch here and there’s a sure fire shortcut to what we want.

The shortcut is all about energy. From whence the action comes, matters. You can not, really truly, you CAN NOT create health from a feeling of disease. You can not create peace from warring energy. You can not create money while you focus on lack. It doesn’t matter how hard you push or how angry, frustrated, or resentful you get. It won’t work.

But when you take that urge to push forward and that urge to make a plan and stick to it no matter what, when you take your desire for action and you blend it with your emotions—your excitement about what’s coming, your enthusiasm about what you’re creating, your certainty that you’ll get there—THAT is potent and powerful combo and it is the FASTEST way to what you want.

Easy? Not so much. If you’re sick it’s hard to feel well. If you’re broke, it’s hard to feel your abundance. But not a single nanosecond of your day will be better spent than the one where you close your eyes and go inside and imagine that health. Imagine that wealth. At first you may only be able to imagine yourself a little bit better, a little bit more prosperous. Stick with it. Imagination is a muscle. The more you use it, the more it will grow.

Use your past. There have been moments when you’ve felt well, when you’ve felt abundance. Use those moments. Milk them for all they’re worth. Close your eyes and remember the feeling. Relive it. Let every single one of your cells feel what it feels like to be well; to be living in a body that full of vitality and health. And then go take action! Massive inspired action.

© 2013 Rhégina Sinozich