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What’s the dream? Why the heck does it matter? And more importantly, what should you do about it? (Part 2)

Hopefully since we last “talked” you’ve been doing a lot of fun thinking about “what’s the dream?” Hopefully you’re dreaming and sprouting ideas that tickle your fancy. Hopefully you’ve given yourself pure unadulterated permission to daydream. Hopefully your imagination is starting to sputter back to life. That delicious imagination of yours is the alchemical mix that sprouts… Continue reading…

When was the last time?… Read to the end because I have a gift for you.

Every day starts off with the best of intentions. Well, maybe not every day, but hopefully a good number of them. We’re no dummies—we’ve read the articles, we know the science. A calm and centered mind thrives. It creates the most incredible lives. But before we even get out the front door the laptop is… Continue reading…

Don’t stop those bad habits–part 2.

So…. let’s continue talking about those bad habits. Actually, instead, let’s talk about good habits and making those stick. Never mind the bad habits. If you didn’t read my last post, click here http://www.balloontothemoon.com/blog/2014/01/02/dont-stop-your-bad-habits/ Pull out your list of “if I wasn’t ….. then I would be …..” And now it’s time to focus on… Continue reading…


I’m not “just” a therapist who focuses on the impact your past has on your present, or “just” a coach who focuses on your present and future.

My holistic approach weaves coaching, therapy and positive psychology (the science of happiness) together for maximum impact, so you can start feeling real happiness now, even as you’re clearing out the negative issues and traumas that hold you back.

Whether you need a sounding board or an impartial view, help breaking out of entrenched habits that aren’t serving you anymore, or even deep healing around childhood trauma or some other spiritual, psychological and/or emotional wounding, you’re in the right place.