Don’t do it….


Stop! Don’t do it. Really. Seriously. Don’t! Don’t do it.

Of course, it’s how we’re taught to do it. It’s engrained into the very fiber of our being. If you want something, go for it—that’s what we learned. Push, shove, climb, power through. Maybe we were taught to do it politely, ethically, even sensitively, but we were taught to do it. But, here’s the thing….

Everything is energy. It’s positive or negative or something in between. We attract what we want. Our actions matter in this process but the energy from whence our actions come matters hugely.

If we are screaming at the universe for wealth, if all of our words are about how we want prosperity, if all of our words are right on track but our energy is doubtful and fearful and full of lack, what the universe hears is lack. It hears our energetic call for lack and it answers it in spades. It doesn’t matter how much we argue with our bosses for a raise or how many applications we put in for a higher paying job. If our energetic imprint is lack, lack is what we will get—every time, guaranteed, no exceptions. Even if we get that higher paying job, somehow our expenses will expand to suck that extra income right out of our bank account. How many times in your life have watched a scenario like that happen?

So, don’t do it! Don’t take action until you’ve cleaned up your energy.

Be honest with yourself. Listen to your feelings. Pay attention to your emotions. They aren’t your enemies. In fact, your emotions are your most powerful allies.

Don’t white wash your negative emotions. Don’t deny them. Meet them, greet them, honor them and then very gently begin to redirect them and do your work to shift your emotions authentically from the inside out. Clear the doubts that need to be cleared out. The doubts, the fears, the negativity—clear them gently and thoroughly; one step at a time.

If you want prosperity, gently align yourself with prosperity. Practice it. Play with it. Imagine it. Plug into its frequency and then—only then, when you feel that vibration—take action, inspired action. Once you’re plugged in, you’ll know what action to take. Your intuition will step in and have all kinds of ideas and plans and things that will feel like fun, even if they’re work.

Play with this. Explore your full potential—it’s amazing, I guarantee it!


©2014 Rhégina Sinozich