Don’t stop those bad habits–part 2.

new habitsSo…. let’s continue talking about those bad habits. Actually, instead, let’s talk about good habits and making those stick. Never mind the bad habits. If you didn’t read my last post, click here

Pull out your list of “if I wasn’t ….. then I would be …..” And now it’s time to focus on the “then I would be…..”

A few minutes every day can help you usher in these new habit and make them stick. Pick one to start with and here’s what we’re going to do with it.

  1. You’re going to take 5 minutes every morning when you wake up, before you even get out of bed, and imagine yourself doing this new habit. Let’s say you want to start playing the guitar. For the next couple of weeks, every morning, you’re going to spend those 5 minutes every morning feeling yourself playing that guitar. You’re going to make it as real as you possibly can—you’re going to feel the strings, smell the wood of the guitar, feel the vibration of it against your side. You’re going to hear it, see it, feel it, smell it, sense it, touch it…
  2. You’re going to pull your guitar out of its case and put it some place near where you used to do the old habit you’re getting rid of. For example if the bad habit you want to stop is watching TV, put the guitar on the seat where you sit to watch that TV.
  3. Spend a little time every day with that guitar—it doesn’t matter if it’s 2 minutes. Just do it. A little bit will grow.

And that’s it. It won’t be long before those new habits take root.

Happy new habiting.