Here’s a little something they probably didn’t teach you in grade school. And oh yeah, it’s actually a pretty huge thing if you’re interested in having an amazing, joyful, happiness-filled life. And who’s not?

One of the things we’re taught pretty much right out of the gate is how to do things we don’t want to do—when to sit, how to talk, when to eat, when to go to school, when to do our homework, when to go to ballet class. In other words, how to push through. In some ways that’s really useful but it leaves us with a missing piece.

That missing piece needs to be put back in place so you get to bask in the delicious land of fulfillment and ease and happiness on a regular business.

There’s some merit to learning how and when to do things and getting yourself into a groove of solid habits that support the massively beautiful being that you are. But there’s a dark side to it too; a missing piece.

And let’s be honest, you (and me too) want to spend as much time as possible in that land of feeling good—really feeling good; that kind of feeling good that comes from the core of your being and shines out of you—as possible? Right?

You can decide you want something in your life and you can go for it. That’s an option. For sure. That’s how most people go after what they want. Some people even make it to the finish line and they end up with what they want. They have what they wanted but it doesn’t feel the way they thought it would. Because you see, something’s missing.

I’ve been helping people all over the world for over 30 years find that missing piece and put it back in play. It’s the most amazing thing to watch when they get it. Something clicks and that’s when life starts to get really good.

When my clients start putting their energy first—the highest vibration they can muster—oh my, that’s when some amazing stuff starts to happen for them.

I have stories that would fill volumes of the impossible, magical things that have happened in their lives when their energy’s aligned. It’s the stuff that you just end up thinking “I couldn’t have orchestrated this in a million years.” It’s the kind of synchronicity that you couldn’t make happen from your push through/this is how we do it/goal oriented with total disregard to energy place. Not for all the tea in China.

Your 2nd grade teacher and your mother and your older brother didn’t mean to steer you wrong. But they did. If you want to create a massive tidal wave of happiness in your life, getting serious about your energy is imperative. Very serious. It will  most likely feel counterintuitive, silly, and downright decadent at times. At least at first. But if you stay with it, your life is going to transform in front of your eyes.

Tend to your energy first. Make it your mission. Always.

Yes, there are going to be times where you’re going to have to do things you don’t want. And yes, there are even going to be times where you have to “push through” a bit. But stepping back and tending to your energy first. Trying to get in the best possible place about this thing you don’t want to do is a game changer of epic proportions and no, I’m not exaggerating—not even a tiny bit.

Remember that black and white picture that if you looked at it one way you saw a witch and if you looked at it another you saw a beautiful woman? High vibration energy is like that. It changes things right in front of your eyes. Energy transforms them in ways that seem absolutely impossible.

When you tend to your energy and elevate it as high as you possibly can, when you catch yourself before you free fall into negative sink holes, the Universe conspires to send you all kinds of help and support—in what can seem like unbelievable and magical ways.

Honestly, it’s the most incredible way to live. I wouldn’t have it any other way and neither would my clients.