Happiness can be harvested! Are you harvesting yours?

There’s no secret about it—people who consistently feel good emotions have lives that feel a heck of a lot better than people who consistently feel “bad” emotions. Some say “life isn’t fair”, “you’re dealt the hand you’re dealt” and so on.

While there is some truth to those statements, it is also true that we have far more control over our emotions, hence our happiness, than we often give ourselves credit for.

Emotions are habits that can be cultivated.

They’re fueled by our responses to external forces—they’re created by our internal dialogues, our thoughts, whether they be conscious or unconscious. And as such we can cultivate those thoughts.

Consciously growing happiness for ourselves means paying attention to where we focus our thoughts and how we interpret the world to ourselves.

Play around with this. Start listening to yourself.

Reframe your stories. Is there a positive spin on some of your negative stories? There usually is and the more you spin that story in a positive direction, the more you retrain your mind to look for the positive, the more happiness you’ll be able to harvest at the end of every day.

Just a thought.

© 2013 Rhégina Sinozich