I see you… I remember YOU…

483343_10200749831779369_304519744_nThere’s a child in you who remembers all that life was going to be for you. Little by little life took over. You took in messages from parents and teachers and lovers and friends. You bought into beliefs that didn’t entirely fit you—a little adjustment here, a little adjustment there, it didn’t seem like much at the time. But now you’re wearing shoes that don’t fit. They pinch your toes and cut off your circulation.

Take a moment today, in fact take a moment right now and stop. Stop and take a deep breath. Walk up to the mirror, really close to your eyes, and say hi. Say hello to that child who lives inside of you, that child who remembers what she wanted life to mean. She’s a child of spontaneity and creativity. She’s a child who gives her love freely. She’s a child who dwells in infinite abundance, of every kind. She’s a child who makes friends with turtles and people and doves. She’s a child who sees wonder and magic. She’s a child who shows up for her life with open arms and open heart.

Say hello to that child. Start a dialogue with her again. Get to know her again. Support her. Your happiness lies in her heart.