Nope, you and I weren’t doused with massive patience for the most part. Even when we strive for patience there’s an impatient little tyke inside who wants her cake and she wants it NOW, thank you very much.

And so in our action dominated world, we plow ahead. We push. We work hard. We “make it happen” by golly. But do we really?

Actually, I would argue not so much in most cases because here’s the thing…

Whatever it is that you want—whether it’s a sailboat, a Lamborghini, a $10,000 check to donate to your favorite charity, a healed liver or the love of your life—you want it because you believe it’s going to make you happy. Or at the very least, happier.

If your energy is vibrating in self pity and anger and disappointment and you don’t course correct at some point, you’re going to get more self pity and anger and disappointment. And the outward manifestations of that energy of self pity, anger and disappointment. It’s a bit like tuning into a radio station that’s playing an awful song that makes your skin crawl and then turning up the volume. Not a good recipe for happiness.

What if instead, before you start pouring massive action into something you want, you stop and play around with that radio dial. What if you let ourself really align with what it is you want. Really feel it. From a place of already having it. From a place of joy and ease. What if you cleaned up your energy before you amplified it. In other words, what if you tune into a song you love before you amplify it.

Now, with that said, it’s not always such a cut and dry, super easy process. It is simple. But mostly, not so easy. At least not until you really get the hang of speaking the language of energy over the language of action. And no, I’m not suggesting that you take your portable radio and go sit under a coconut tree waiting for every single one of your dreams to be magically delivered by Amazon. LOL. There is action involved for sure! But inspired action is eons away from frantic, push through action.

What would you love to create in your life… if it was easy and fun? I’d love to hear. Leave me a comment and let’s create a space to bring your intentions into reality.