Tending to the tender heart… maybe “toughen up” isn’t the answer.

Some of us are incredibly sensitive. It’s how we came. No amount of “toughen up”, “you’re sooooo sensitive”, “you need a thicker skin” is going to change who we fundamentally are—beautiful, exquisitely sensitive souls.

And while it’s your genius—yes, it really is—it can feel more often than not like a curse you wish you could shake off in one fell swoop…

Are you taking care of yourself?

I mean, really, really taking care of yourself given that you are one of those super sensitive kind?

Are you paying attention to when the evening news is too much…

When the posts on Facebook are overwhelming…

When images of wounded animals are feeling like an assault…

When demands from loved ones are feeling suffocating?

When your own negative thought loop is sinking your heart like the Titanic?

Are you noticing?

And if the answer to that last question is yes, how are you noticing? (If the answer to the last question is “no”—and let’s face it, sometimes we just plain old don’t notice because we just get so darned caught up with life, then it’s definitely time to start noticing.)

How are you responding to what you notice?

Are you ignoring it? Pretending that if you just don’t make “eye contact” with it it’ll slink away?

Are you snapping “get yourself together”?

Or are you being gentle? Noticing what’s happening and then taking an oh so gentle and deep breath and gradually, easily stepping out of the dissonance? Stepping back into your center?

Creating space in nature, at home for peace and tranquility and quiet.

I hope you’ll honor the beautiful, sensitive being that you are. It’s your gift and it’s your gift to the world. We need you and you need to be cherished, honored and tended to.

As always… shine bright!