Happy Thanksgiving my fellow life explorer!

So, it’s finally here! No matter how you celebrate, this is the day that traditionally begins the holiday season for most of us in the U.S. I’ll talk more about the reality of what this means for many of us in the weeks ahead. But, for today, we celebrate the moments.

I couldn’t let this day of thanks giving pass without thanking you, my clients and friends and those of you who simply stop by the blog for a word of encouragement. Balloon to the Moon began as a combination of an idea and a dream. It’s grown into my passion and my business. I can truly say I have found that sweet spot that enables me to live my dream every day.

And because you allow me to live it, I can help you find and live your own. When we give in to the Universe, things connect in circles like that. It’s simply joyous and beautiful.

Next week, we’ll return to talking about how you can create your own dream life. For today, I encourage you to just breathe in those moments of gratitude that fill your soul. However many of them you feel, feel them deeply.

And as you do, know that I am grateful indeed for the place you have in my life.

With great love and light,