The power of anger in a new age–anger and the law of attraction.

We’re all taught from a pretty young age to keep our anger under lock and key. If it’s not held in tightly, it’s dangerous. Your anger has most likely gotten you in trouble with parents, teachers, lovers, the list is long.

Then along came new age thinking and the law of attraction and anger got an even worse name. Now you’re just attracting more anger. You need to shift. You need to be positive. What you focus on grows. That’s true. But…..

But it’s a little more complicated than that. Sometimes you add salt to a sweet dish and it doesn’t turn the dish salty, it brings the sweetness out.

Anger has a legitimate place in our lives. It’s when we misuse it or direct it randomly that we get ourselves into trouble.

Anger is a place we drive through, it’s not a parking lot. All too often we drive into the Anger Parking Space and we stay as long as we can. We vent. We rage. We yell at others. We feel justified. There’s a deliciousness in the negativity.

We’re not meant to stay in anger. We’re meant to drive through. Yes, through–not around, not over, not under, but through. We’re meant to experience it, own it, use it.

Sometimes anger can lift us right out of depression. If we’re stuck in a dark hole, just catching a thread of anger can be the release we need. We go from depression to ranting and raving at the universe. And then comes the important part–we keep going, we don’t stop here. We don’t move in and set up shop.

We reframe. We take ownership of what we’re creating. We move through into action. We ask our higher selves in meditation “what am I meant to learn from this?” “How do I best move through this?” “What would you have me do now?” We understand that everything in our lives serves a purpose and our purpose is always to step into light.

Sometimes the path of anger is the fastest way from darkness into light. Explore your anger. Explore it in the privacy of your own mind, in your journal, in the silence of your inner self. Don’t exploit it or spew it onto others. Use it for your highest purposes.

© 2013 Rhégina Sinozich