Yup, we love to think that we’re just one united, clear, focused love-filled front moving forward in time and space in a neat and tidy fashion—at least I do. I can hear the Universe literally laughing out loud at that one! Would that it were so simple. Just this week I’ve had a vivid and wonderful reminder of just how untrue that can be.

It was as clear as a lightening bolt. The idea flowed right on in. I could feel it. I could see it. I absolutely knew in a flash that it was right for me. But just about as quickly as that flash came in—that crystal clear voice of my inner knowing—a whole slew of other less than crystal characters stormed in. It’s like I opened the door to a cabin in the woods during a blizzard and not only did I let in the sweet voice of my intuition, I also ushered in a huge pile of snow and blustery freezing air as well.

When we start really locking into what we want in our lives, there’s a quickening and intensifying of energy as we move further into an active role in creating the lives we want. As you clear out your energy and increase your vibration you’re going to start getting what feels like bolder intuitive hits. Some of them might downright freak you out. A bit like “leap and the net will appear.” And that’s where I sometimes have a total black ice wipe out! (It’s snowing and icy here again this morning—hence the ice reference 😉 And that’s what happened last week…

It wasn’t long before—because let’s face it, it never takes long for doubt to get a foot hold—there was a loud and raucous exchange….

“Well that’s way too much money…”

“Plus, that’s totally crazy!”

“You can’t do that!”

“You’re supposed to do that other thing…”

“That’s too much.”

“Who do you think you are?”

“You don’t really believe this woo woo stuff do you?”

“Seriously, I mean there’s no proof.”

“Can you just imagine what your _____ would say? Or _____? Or _____?”

And on and on it goes. And the more it goes, the further you get from your intuition. And the further you get from your intuition, the muddier the waters get.

And so there I was… the more I listened, the more I shifted away from my knowing (because yes, knowing is always that quiet little voice) the muddier my energy got. The muddier my energy got the less I was able to make sense of anything.

I got confused. From confused I went to frustrated. And in the middle of confusion and frustrated there wasn’t an ounce of clarity. I had felt the clarity, for that one crystal clear moment. Now it was gone.

You know that feeling too. Right? We’ve all been there. Something comes along in your life and you know in a millisecond that it’s right for you and then it scares you a bit and without even realizing it you back away from it and start bargaining. Negotiating. Making rational sense of it. In other words, you stop trusting your deepest knowing.

And then, we’re like a dog with a bone. We don’t want to let go. We try to push through it. And low and behold, the harder we push the messier it all gets. Until….

Until we remember to stop. Literally stop. And that’s finally what I remembered to do last week. I eventually closed my eyes and turned my focus inside… breathe… in and out… in and out. My thoughts would drift back in and I’d go back to the breath. Over and over. Until gradually, very gently, with time I grounded my energy and centered. Then, I began to feel the clarity return. And with clarity came a sense of peace and empowerment.

Maybe there’s something in your life that your intuition has been steering you towards. Maybe, without your even realizing it, it’s been scaring you. And maybe, if you let yourself be still and breathe and center and go inside to the wonderful still voice of your intuition, you will give yourself permission to say yes to what’s calling you.