What on earth does the entelechy of a Giant Sequoia have to do with the entelechy of YOU? And what’s an entelechy anyway?

WhatOnEarthDoesTheEntelechyOfAGiantSequoia (1)

A 2000 year old tree. I stood at its foot, looked up and gawked. Literally.

2,000 years old, 300 feet tall and 2 million pounds. Not too shabby. Giant Sequoias—whole groves of them. They grow the equivalent of a full 60ft tree every year. Some of them have bark that’s 30 feet thick. And that’s just the outer shell.

These giants grow from seeds the size of an oat! Are you kidding me? How is that even possible?

I remember years ago Jean Houston saying that the entelechy of an acorn is to become an oak tree. The entelechy of these little oat seeds (baby Giant Sequoias to be) is to become Giant Sequoias.

The entelechy of you is to become a brilliant, shimmering expansion of infinite light and possibility. It doesn’t matter if right at the moment you’re feeling a bit like a little squashed shard of oat.

We forget the sheer mind blowing entelechy of who we are. We tap into maybe 9% of our brains—and that’s on our very, very, VERY best days. Can you imagine what would happen if you tapped into 27%? 73%? Yowza! The life you’d create.

A Giant Sequoia can have as many as 2,000 pine cones and those cones can stay on the tree, green and unopened, for up to 20 years! Squirrels and beetles can yank a few open and spread the seeds around but the real seed-disperser is fire! It takes forest fires to really give Sequoias new life.

And if we’re really honest with ourselves isn’t that exactly how it works for us? It’s in the forest fires of our “disasters” and “failures” and “disappointments” and “heartaches” that our seeds to grow newer, bolder, brighter versions of ourselves drop?

I have 2 wishes for you and me….

One is that we never look at the equivalent of a little oat seed in our lives and dismiss it as “not much”.

And two is that we don’t get so caught up in the horror of the forest fires that we forget to nurture the seeds that are dropping all around us.

Have an absolutely brilliant day.
With showers of love and light,

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