Balloon to the Moon “is just extraordinary… it’s something that I think people should travel with in their suitcases. It’s simple, very profound…”—Shirley MacLaine, actor, best selling author.
This book will take you to new heights.”—Richard Carlson, best selling author.
Rhégina’s ability to pierce through my limiting perceptions of who I am at a very, very difficult time in my life was most extraordinary and has made a deep, deep impression in my soul. I believe anyone who has the blessing of working with Rhégina and her energy will be touched deeply—forever.“—Jaqueline Joy, Founder of Diamond Alignment
Hmmm—so this is how it feels to be 10 feet tall. I LIKE it!! I can’t begin to describe what this week has been like. I’ve laughed more and cried more than I have in a very long time. I faced down huge portions of my fear and that is so powerful. I’ve walked thru the fire and am transformed. I’ve gone past merely existing and have CHOSEN instead to really LIVE! The universe is an awesome place. Namaste.–Retreat participant
I am responding on many levels to this profound, deeply helpful and jewel packed book by a warm and inspiring writer.”–Rosemary Stevenson, New Zealand.
I’ve been meditating off and on since I was around 15, but Rhégina’s guided meditations are really fantastic. It’s like I’ve gotten a quick start to what I’ve been looking for for the past 29 years.–JCM Bannerman, Pennsylvania.
I think back over this incredible week—of laughter, tears, stretching, oh so much stretching—but out of it all my heart is so filled with love, warmth, swelling. I walked on those red hot coals! You truly showed us and helped us believe that anything is indeed possible.—Retreat participant
I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful resource your book has become to me. I recently picked it up on a plane trip to a conference at which I was speaking. I found just what I needed to help me relax. The talk went really well. Thanks.”—Susan Natale, North Carolina
I have just told my staff, that you have received the AWARD for BEST GROUP OF YEAR AT WILLKA T’IKA, BEST LEADER, AND NICEST PARTICIPANTS. And I’m not kidding. Your energy carries that of the group… Thank you for your generous invitation to join you all on the fire-walk. I don’t think I would have ever had such a wonderful and supportive opportunity. I have the coals, right in front of me, next to my computer. Mantra. “I can do it.” I look at the coals each day.—Carol Cumes, author and owner and creator of Willka T’ika. Peru.
a beautiful .. rousing book, truly an inspired piece of work.—Carol Heil, Maryland

…an experience that still causes me to well up with grateful tears each time I think of it. Here are a few key words that come to mind with each lovely memory – transforming, enchanting, enlightening, powerful, serene, rejuvenating, blessed, perfect. I’m so grateful to have been a part of this truly unique experience and the fellowship of souls who participated. I have only one question – when can I sign up for next year???—Beverly Barlow Steinberg, Norway.

What an incredible book. I’ve read it four times and I’m sure I’ll go back to it again and again.—B.C., Virginia
I had to express the great joy I had in reading your book. I can tell you I laughed and smiled the whole way through. It was phenomenal. I loved it!—Richard E., Australia
I’m getting them for all my friends. This book made such a difference in my life.”—Mary C.
This week I have known transformation by many fires. I have been faced by so many obstacles, past hurts and present pains. What a wonderful week! What a blessing to have the opportunity to face my demons in such a spectacular place with such beautiful people. I have felt safe each step no matter how uneasy. Learning to love myself is one of my greatest struggles and this time in Peru was a gift that allowed me to work on this. I was forced to slow down, take an accounting, be responsible. The beauty of Willka T’ika and the people in this group provided such a gentle haven, such courage, such love. I have held your hands and walked through many fires. Your love helps me to be strong. I am so very grateful.—Retreat participant
Thank you for coming into my life… that really was one of the BEST weeks I ever had!!!—Tita, Slovenia