What’s the dream? Why the heck does it matter? And more importantly, what should you do about it? (Part 1)

IMG_7133What’s the dream? What’s your dream? Seriously, I’m not kidding. In business. In play. In relationship. In family. What is it that you want more than anything else?

When we were kids we knew the answer… Ask any kindergarten class and watch the hands fly up and the little bodies pop out of their seats.

“I want to be a cowgirl!”

“I want to be a firefighter.”

 “I want to fly a plane.”

 “I want to be a Mom.”

 “I want to be a ballerina.”

 “I wanna…. I wanna…. I wanna…”

Now ask your average group of seasoned “adults” and it’s a whole different picture.

If you even get dreams back they’re composed and contained–watered down and murky.

Most of us won’t speak our dreams out loud. Most of us won’t even think about our dreams even in the privacy of our own minds. And if we do, most of us will focus on how our dreams aren’t realistic and as time goes by we become more and more jaded about them and life in general.

Many of us have no idea what the dream even is or it’s so vague as to be unidentifiable. Kind of like saying I want to go on a vacation. I can see it. It’s somewhere with trees. Well that’s a start, but it certainly isn’t time to book the flight!

You could say “that’s as it should be. We’re more realistic. We’re more grown up.” That’s true, but….

It’s D.E.A.T.H. to our energy, our exuberance, our joie de vivre, our tickle our heart down to our toes happiness and it kills our dreams before they even step out of the door.

So… what can you do about it?

  1. Start thinking “what’s the dream?” Ask yourself… Let it become a mantra of sorts. If you don’t get an answer right away, don’t worry. You’re peppering the field. You’re letting your creative genius know that you’re interested in her dreams.
  2. When ideas start to pop up, welcome them. No nay saying. No killing ideas out of the gate. Just jot them down.
  3. If some of them really tickle your fancy then start to day dream about them a bit. Don’t figure out how you’re going to make them happen, you’re not there yet. Just play with them.

That’s it for now. We’ll talk more next time about where to go with this. But for now, PLAY. What’s the dream? Open the doors, allow the conversation (internal that is), and let the fun begin.

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©2015 Rhégina Sinozich