What’s the dream? Why the heck does it matter? And more importantly, what should you do about it? (Part 2)

pigweathervaneHopefully since we last “talked” you’ve been doing a lot of fun thinking about “what’s the dream?”

Hopefully you’re dreaming and sprouting ideas that tickle your fancy.

Hopefully you’ve given yourself pure unadulterated permission to daydream.

Hopefully your imagination is starting to sputter back to life.

That delicious imagination of yours is the alchemical mix that sprouts ideas and inspiration and it’s the medium within which your joie de vivre flourishes. In short, it’s where your happiness is born.

Imagination is something you want front and center in your life. It’s your creative hub. It’s the creative genius of this incredible masterpiece of a life you’re creating for yourself. It’s the alchemical mix that sprouts ideas and inspiration and it’s the medium within which your joie de vivre flourishes. In short, it’s where happiness is born. So, yes, you want your imagination thriving.

It’s so tempting to spring into action once we’ve sprouted an idea. We live in an action-oriented society and we want to make a list and check our way through it. But hang on—resist the temptation with everything you’ve got. Let the action steps come to you. And actually, let’s back up even more here before we go any further.

In an ideal world your imagination will sprout a gazillion more ideas than you’ll ever begin to put into action. So a really important step for you is to cherish your ideas, have fun with your dreams. Roll around in them; giggle with them; relish them.

Learn to drop down into the sea of your imagination and play there. Dive and bob and resurface just for the sheer fun of it.

Some of your ideas will grow roots. They’ll stick around. You’ll find yourself thinking about a particular dream… imagining it…. living it. That’s the kind of dream that may end up being put into action. But still, resist the temptation to act or even worse the temptation to figure out how to make it happen. This is a death trap for juicy, creative dreams. Stay away from it.

Nourish the imagination side of things. Be open to guidance. If you’re the kind of person who can sit down and make a plan without killing the idea or getting into “push through” mode, then by all means sit down and write and plot and scheme. If it’s fun, you’re on course. If you begin to feel your naysayers lining up on your shoulders it’s time to back away, refocus your energy, and clear out the gremlins.

Your actions should be inspired actions—the kind of actions that “come” to you. They’re the whispers from your intuition. Or they’re the plan you came up with that feels right, unpressured and in flow.

Be easy about it. Be light about it. Let it flow. Most of us have overdeveloped action muscles and underdeveloped imagination and intuition muscles. Consciously balance these out.

To your imagination!


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©2015 Rhégina Sinozich