I think everyone on the planet has at one point or another had someone say to them at least once “who do you think you are?” Some of us have heard that as the primary chorus of our lives. And when we stopped hearing it from external sources, oh yes, you know it, we picked it up internally. So now, we have little internal choruses snidely remarking “who the hell do you think you are?” at the slightest show of our brilliance.

I ask you from the deepest recesses of my soul…. Do you have any idea who you are?

Honestly, the answer to that question is no. No for you. No for me.
If we’re lucky enough to notice when it happens, we get glimpses of it. Those moments when on a dime, even in the middle of the most hellaciously awful day, something happens and our hearts crack wide open and the most brilliant, love filled to overflow starts pouring out of us into the world.

Yes, that pure, 100% love, 100% magnificent beyond your wildest thinking is the stuff you’re made of.

We are brilliant, you and I.


We are beyond price tag.


We are infinitely priceless.


And so, it’s funny (in a not kind of really funny way), to watch how we scurry around, getting caught up in our egos battle to prove us worthy. We try to make more money. We try to become more beautiful. We try to get people to love us. We try to convince the world that we matter. We try to hide our failures, our flaws, our energetic aches and sores.


All the while, the Universe laughs.


The Universe can see you so clearly. You are love. You are light. And there is nothing you can do in this lifetime or any other for that matter to change that infinite, exquisite value of yours.


Your value? PRICELESS. And I’m not even exaggerating, not even one smidgeon’s worth.


And so, do the things you love because you love them. Not because they’re going to bring you riches or fame or a relationship or whatever “it” your ego has its sights set on.


Do it because the more you love, the more you drop the pretenses, the wider open your heart will be.

And guess what? You already know this. When you’re in love (and nope, I don’t mean with the 2 legged of your dreams) you are flowing pure Source energy. And….


When you are flowing pure Source energy, you are H.A.P.P.Y.

And the really funny catch, is that that place of wide open heart, love positively gushing out of you (and by the way, right back at you in the same millisecond because that’s how love works) is the single fastest way to everything you’re working so hard for!


So, take a breath. Smell a flower. Pet a puppy. Gaze at a bird. Smile at a stranger. Listen to an exquisite piece of music and take a moment, right now, to remember who you really are. Let it flood every single one of your trillions cells.