Well, I have one for you and it’s my gift to you—a little HAMMOCK FOR YOUR SOUL™.I'll guide you through a gentle meditation where you'll have the chance to breathe, rebalance, and recenter. How does that sound? Get your FREE guided meditation and let's give you some of those moments that are all about Y.O.U.

And just so you know... I'm a complete privacy nut! Your contact information will never be shared, loaned out, or sold. Period. End of Story.

"Rhégina’s ability to pierce through my limiting perceptions of who I am at a very, very difficult time in my life was most extraordinary and has made a deep, deep impression in my soul. I believe anyone who has the blessing of working with Rhégina and her energy will be touched deeply—forever."

– Jacqueline J

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Balloon to the Moon--a Guide to Vibrant Living. Are you ready for the kind of life that just bubbles up from deep inside of you? Then this is the book for you!

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“Balloon to the Moon is just extraordinary... it’s something that I think people should just travel around with in their suitcases. It’s simple, very profound.” - Shirley MacLaine, actor, best selling author

"This book will take you to new heights." - Richard Carlson, Best selling author of don't sweat the small stuff

I do things a little differently

I’m not “just” a therapist who focuses on the impact your past has on your present, or “just” a coach who focuses on your present and future (though I am that too). First and foremost I’m an unabashed champion for your full potential. My clients would tell you that I’m a soul whisperer–I help them breathe life back into their lives. I help them take their lives from black and white to technicolor surround sound. I’m a renovator of lives. Whatever brings you here today, know that it’s no accident. YOUR life is calling; knocking on the door; okay, maybe banging on the door. Shall we let it in? Read more...