Of course there’s nothing new about insecurity. It’s been around for as long as we’ve been human. We all know what it feels like to deal with insecurity. I dare say that none of us has reached adulthood without our fair share of visits to the Land of Insecurity.

We’re no strangers to it, but 2020’s taken insecurity and raised it to a whole new level. Raised it on every front for many of us—health insecurity, food insecurity, job insecurity, political insecurity, personal safety insecurity, financial insecurity etc..

I dare say that in your life and mine, chances are pretty good that you’re dealing with insecurity of one kind or another and that you’re doing so on an unprecedented level. It’s like collective insecurity on steroids.

It’s an epic reminder that our security, grounding and sense of balance come from within as much as we’d like it to come from our environment, relationships, or our bank accounts.

Tapping into that sense of balance is critical if we intend to get through an election, a pandemic, social unrest, unemployment, fluctuating (or empty) bank accounts etc..

Tapping into inner security requires emotional management. It requires an awareness of when we’re off kilter. It requires us to come back to center—sometimes on a minute by minute basis. It requires doing what we can do and letting go of the rest. No small task.

You’ve heard me talk before about breathing deeply and about walking in the woods and about walking barefoot on the grass.

You’ve heard me no doubt talk about going within, of meditating.

Now is the time to start or increase that practice. Now is the time to create a quiet and safe space internally. And by the way, that quiet safe space that you create within? Well it ripples out and around you. In other words, it’s good for everyone.

There’s a thing called mirror neurons. And while there’s a whole scientific explanation of what that means, I’ll give you a completely unscientific and short definition. It basically means that what I’m feeling you feel as well. We’re wired that way as human beings. We mirror emotions. That’s got a good and a bad side obviously.

If someone who’s highly agitated walks into my space I’m physically programmed to mirror on a visceral level those feelings unless I interrupt that circuit and actively center and ground. If I can actively center and ground that very anxious person who just walked into my space on some level mirrors that calm and groundedness as well. Soooo….

I could make a case for centering and grounding being a radical agent for change in our time. No matter what you do, your secret weapon is your centeredness and you’re groundedness.

So join me….

Center and ground like you’ve never done before.

  1. Set your clock to remind you to breathe.
  2. Set a timer to walk outside barefoot, yes even if it’s cold.
  3. Mark your calendar to meditate and breathe.
  4. Make time to color.
  5. Make time to listen to music and dance.
  6. Find time to tilt your face up to the sun or into the drops of rain.
  7. Play with your dogs.

Whatever you do, come back to center. Again and again and again…

Shine bright out there my radical agents of change.