Coronavirus is real. It’s scary. It’s causing a lot of chaos and panic around the world and some real heartache to the families and friends of those who are watching loved ones get sick and in some cases, die. 

I’m not writing about the physical realities of the coronavirus or the precautionary steps we should all be taking. The scientists are doing an awesome job on that front.

I’m here with a silver lining. An opportunity really. An invitation. 

Sometimes it takes a wake up call to get us moving—even on those things that we really want to do. It’s just kind of how we’re wired as human beings. 

The truth of the matter is that whether we contract the virus or don’t, get sick or don’t, the more centered and calm we can be, the better we do on all fronts. It’s that simple. The science has been in for a long time on this.

The less stressed we are the better we do on every level of our lives.

But how do we get centered? Especially how do we get centered when we can practically hear the anxiety humming in the air around us? 

The fastest way to get yourself agitated or calm is through your breath. Really. It’s honestly the best place to start. 

If you want to panic yourself, just hunch over and take a few fast shallow breaths. It won’t take long before your heart starts pumping. 

And, if you want to relax, sit up straight and take 3 deep slow breaths. In and out.  You’ll feel your energy start to shift. 

It’s pretty stunning really. It’s nothing more than playing around your breathing. But there’s a catch, of course, and that is, we actually have to do it. And it’s sooo worth doing it because just think….

If 3 deep breaths can start to lower your anxiety, just imagine what you could do if you really started practicing deep, intentional breathing several times a day. 

Just imagine what would start to happen if you set a timer for those deep breaths and reminded yourself every hour or 2 to stop, drop (whatever you’re doing) and breathe. Just imagine how you’d start to feel if this became your home base, a place you brought yourself back to over and over.

At first this practice may be hard. It may seem like it’s too little to make much of a difference. Plus, it’s just hard to start and maintain a new practice. But it’s soooooo worth it. 

I challenge you to some deep breathing. Join me. Please. Set up reminders for yourself and over the next few days consciously practice deep breathing.

Stop, drop (whatever you’re doing) and breathe.

3 deep breaths. That’s it. Try it.

I’m going to have some more for you in next few days and weeks on this, but let’s start with this.

You with me?