The best 5 minutes you’ll ever spend…

If there’s something in your life you really want but it seems just beyond impossible-you can’t even imagine it, it seems more unlikely than chocolate chips falling from the sky-then there’s a step you can’t miss. You have a date with 5 minutes and the sooner the better! Take those 5 minutes. In fact, take them right now…

Get comfortable, close your eyes and imagine. Imagine that thing-that condition that you really want-is already here. Imagine it’s already in existence. Feel it. Live it. Be it. Hear it. Live it with all of your senses. Live it out loud. Amplify the feelings. Basque in them.

Negative head talk starts to pipe in? Telling you all the reasons why this can’t happen? Why this will never be? No problem, just sidestep it. Refocus on all the great feelings and keep turning up the volume. Refocus. Refocus. Refocus. Command your attention to focus on the possible, to focus on the positive.

5 minutes that’s all it takes. 5 minutes here, 5 minutes there. Before long you’ve practiced the vibration of what you want so strongly, that it’s just a tiny step from imagination to reality.

Happy visioning-make it a daily practice, it truly is the best 5 minutes you’ll ever spend. Practice your dreams into possible.

© 2013 Rhégina Sinozich