Hooked on happiness.

happinessIf you want more happiness, then you’ve got to get hooked….

What you focus on grows. Period. End of story. So seriously, what are you focusing on?

What do you spend most of your time thinking about? Do those thoughts leave you feeling energized? Happy? Excited? Goofy high on life? Yes? Then you’re all set, keep doing exactly what you’re doing.

No? No problem, because the good news is that you have control over where you focus your attention.

You don’t like how you’re feeling a lot of the time? Catch yourself. What are you thinking in those moments? Then, redirect your thoughts. You’re in control.

Is it easy? Well, not so much! It’s a new muscle for a lot of us and so it takes some time to build up. But if you stay with it, that positive muscle will build up and you’ll start to focus on things that make you feel good. Eventually you’ll get so hooked on that good feeling vibe that there will come a time when the negative stuff is something you’re really, really allergic to and simply not willing to tolerate.

© 2013 Rhégina Sinozich