You’re in a lousy mood. Nothing feels right. In fact everything sucks as in S.U.C.K.S…..

You’re broke. Flat broke. Bills coming in. Credit cards building up…..

You’re lonely. Down to your core “I’m totally and completely alone in the world and I always will be” kind of lonely…..

Your self esteem is in the gutter. Never was all that high in the first place but now it’s spiraling to an all time low…..

You’re in the middle of an epic, soul draining fight with your husband/wife/partner/lover…..

And then, almost like magic, something happens:

  • A friend calls.
  • A stranger smiles at you.
  • You giggle at a silly cat video.
  • You get an unexpected check—a big one.
  • A bouquet of roses arrives at the front door with the sweetest note ever from said husband/wife/partner/lover.

And voila, it seems like almost on a dime you feel better.

Thank the Universe and all the stars in the Cosmos for friends and strangers who smile at you and cat videos and unexpected checks of all kinds and bouquets of roses but they’re not the whole story—not even close.

As wonderful as friends and smiles and cats and checks are, they’re an illusion; a magician’s slight of hand.

Our happiness doesn’t come out of thin air any more than a magician’s card does. It’s actually amazingly predictable and it doesn’t have anything to do with friends or strangers or giggles or hugs.

Friends and giggles can certainly amplify your feelings in a big way; they can augment your emotional waves but they can’t create them from scratch.

Just about everything in our society is set up to make you believe that it’s those external things that make you feel better; that put a smile on your heart. In fact, Madison Avenue spends billions—yes, billions—on this one and they’re pretty darned successful at it. We absolutely believe, hook line and sinker, that external things makes us happy. They don’t.

Happiness, joy, well being, ease, ecstasy, excitement etc… all come from energy. Energy comes first. Always.

You’re in a crappy mood, then a friend calls and you feel your energy shift. If you were tracking that whole process energetically you’d see it light up like a flare.

  1. First comes a slight shift in the crappy mood energy. Tiniest crack, tiniest shift is all that’s needed. You can watch the rest play out, step by step.
  2. Slightly better energy = slightly better external event (ie friend’s call).
  3. That slightly better external event actually supports and amplifies the slightly better energy you just had which results in another step up the energy scale.
  4. Then more slightly better energy = more slightly better external event. (The conversation with your friend has you smiling). And on and on it goes.

It’s like a ballroom dance. A beautifully executed Tango. Seamless. It looks unplanned. But if it’s done right, every step is carefully followed by another. A flawless, predictable reaction.

The external events in your life are always an absolute match to your internal vibrational energy. Manifestation—yes, even a bouquet of flowers or a pay raise—are a response to your energy.

And not to complicate matters here, but in the service of being super clear, it’s about the energy that precedes the external event. So, for example, 2 people can get the exact same bouquet of roses after the exact same bad fight and one person can feel a wave of love move through her and another not. Why?

Well, one person’s energy was shifting towards feeling better (before the bouquet arrived); the others’ wasn’t. The bouquet amplifies the energy that’s already present.

Play with this one. Start noticing. Watch the energy—in yourself and in others around you.

Energy is the horse. The externals manifestations are the cart. Always.

And then of course, the icing on the cake here is that this puts you in incredible creative control of your life. You don’t control external events. You can’t “make” your love send you bouquets—well, I guess in theory you can but that’s a subject for another blog post 😉 —or make friends call, or make your boss give you a raise. But you can work with your energy. And that, is a major game changer!

You may not be able to change your energy right this second, on a dime, but you can start being more mindful of it and playing with it here and there.