Love is the frequency of happiness.

And yet, it’s one of the most misunderstood concepts of all time. We’ve tried to label love and tie it down and own it.  But love defies ownership, categorization and labels.

Love wants to be free to pop up in a flower, on an afternoon breeze, in the gaze of a lover, in the glance of a stranger, on the wings of a giggle.

Love is everywhere. It can be found anywhere we put our attention. Love is as pervasive as the very air we breathe. It’s available to us in every second of our lives. And yet…

We’ve become so selective about our love. We’re very possessive of it. We only want it if it wears a certain face. We only want it at certain times, in certain situations. We only want it if it’s romantic and even then we only want it if it comes from one particular person.

We get so caught up in orchestrating how love should come to us that we bypass, and in the process, lose, all kinds of opportunities for love.

  • We shirk love off.
  • We brush it aside.
  • We kick it away.

Sometimes we’re so absorbed in our interenal chatter that we completely miss the “presents” of love altogether. Other times we begin to feel the flow of love but then we dismiss it–we almost instantly let our self depreciating gremlins take over.

In our fear and hunger for love, we shrink ourselves down rather than expand and fling ourselves open. We close our portals in order to “protect” ourselves. But as we do so, we mute our sensitivity. We limit our ability to be touched by life–to be loved and to love–for they are the same, inseparable.

Love–i.e. happiness–happens in the delight of the moment. It’s ever present, ever available–the whisper behind every breath. It may come in the form of a raindrop or a piece of music or a lover.

Our toddlers carry this secret for us. They’re open, willing and available, at the ready to be delighted at every turn, fully trusting. They show up, totally present in the moment, brand new and open to whatever may flow their way.

  • When we open our hearts, our vision begins to shift. We see things we’ve never noticed before. We hear birds sing. We feel a part of their song. We open our hearts to their melodies.
  • We notice the little girl at the table next to ours in a restaurant celebrating her birthday. We feel her joy; it floods into our very being. We are one.
  • We notice the twinkle in a stranger’s eye and we allow a smile to break across our face like a rising sun. When we allow the illusion of separation to disintegrate our love flows boundless and limitless.

When our love flows boundless and limitless, we swim in the very essence of peace, joy and happiness.

Love is the elixir of life. Its juicy expansiveness lights us up. When we allow ourselves to step into the frequency of love, we feel free; we share ourselves just for the fun of it and we feel fabulous as we do so.

We blossom and come fully to life in love and how incredible it is to realize that we can tap into love anywhere, any time. The power in that is breathtaking; the freedom intoxicating. We don’t have to beg, borrow or steal. We don’t have to be someone we’re not so that we can grab a morsel or two of it here and there.

In a state of expanded love we feel peaceful and centered. Problems and strife feel surmountable and we feel empowered and potent. In fact, we’re at our most potent in this state of love.

In love, we’re connected to the full force of the universe with all its wonder and wisdom. Inventions, creativity, and miracles of all kind happen in this state of love.

Love opens possibilities we didn’t even know existed. Love is the frequency of happiness.