They say to do your positive affirmations in the shower; while you run; til you drop. Positive affirmations will change your life. Or will they?

The power of positive affirmations has been touted far and wide for decades now. And yet… it doesn’t turn out so well for a lot of us.

The testimonials are incredible. The results irrefutable.  So what’s the real deal? Do positive affirmations really work?

Words are powerful. There’s no question about that. But even more powerful are energized words. Words said that are believable. Words spoken that feel real.

I’m a big believer in positive affirmations. I, and many of my clients over the years, have sculpted some pretty incredible, unbelievable things with affirmations like breathtaking vacations and vibrant health, and yes, those timeless wishes—love and money. In other words any manner of abundance and happiness. We haven’t just written statements about what we wanted and then mindlessly repeated them ad nauseum. Oh no my friend, we have supercharged those affirmations with a special secret sauce.


And now for a time limited time that special secret sauce is available…. Just kidding! LOL. Do you remember those infomercials? Maybe they even still exist and just haven’t crossed into my hemisphere lately. No time limited time here…


Here’s your 3-step SECRET SAUCE RECIPE for supercharging your affirmations. Try it, you’ll like it! Hey Mikey! (A little scary how long those advertising ditties stay fully formed in one’s mind! Just saying. ? )

  1. Feel what you’re saying. Take the time to get yourself in a great place. Or better yet, piggy back. Run through your affirmations when you’re feeling fabulous about something else. Just went for a run with your new puppy? Endorphins are flying high? Now’s a great time to run those positive affirmations…
  2. Use the present tense. “I am….” is far more powerful than “I will be…
  3. And my all time favorite, the blending of step 1 and 2—”I’m so excited now that…”
    • I’m so excited. I just wrote a $25,000 to Save the Whales. 
    • I’m literally popping out of my skin! Keith Urban just confirmed he’s going to do our wedding! 
    • I’m smiling so hard I feel like my face is crack. I just got the green light for the funding for the movie I’m making!!
Be easy about all of this. Easy… easy… easy. Energy first. Always energy first. Align your energy. Find the happiest place possible in this moment—even if sometimes that isn’t terribly joyful. It just has to be smidgeon better… and then another and another. N.O.W. Happiness has a chemistry you can tap into. 


And now it’s your turn….
  • I am so beyond grateful now that I _____________________________.
  • I’ve been smiling so much my face hurts now that _____________________________.
  • I think my heart’s going to pop I’m so happy now that _____________________________.

Feel your affirmations…
Feel them like they’re happening right now…
And most importantly, have fun!