Perennial happiness–happiness we can count on.

openphotonet_03Looking for happiness in all the wrong places? Are you finding it, glimpsing it and then just as quickly losing it?

There is no other place to grow happiness—to find it or manufacture it—than now. Now—that’s it. That is all we’ve got. The power of now, we hear about it, we read about it, we talk about it. We understand its potency and yet, for most of us, it remains illusive, supplanted by to do lists and financial stresses and sore knees and babies crying and laundry to be done.

We set lofty New Year goals and we plan for this to be “the” year when we “find” it.

But therein lies the rub, we won’t find it; we won’t accidentally stumble upon it, at least not in a way that has any kind of staying power.

The long lasting, perennial kind of happiness is the kind that comes back again, and again, and again—predictably so. That kind of happiness is cultivated in the now. It is purposeful, intentional.

It requires discipline to stay present and show up fully in each “now”. It requires new emotional muscles. It demands that we regularly lay off a plethora of questionable mental habits like nay saying (even when we are “justified”), being “right” (even when we are undoubtedly so), comparing (even when we are on top), regretting (even when it is warranted).

It requires new workout regimens—ones that include gratitude (the real kind—that kind that bubbles up from deep inside), giggles and laughter (as often as possible, even over the silliest of things), rose colored glasses (insisting the glass is half full even when it looks to be emptying at alarming rates), silver linings (even in the harshest of storms for it is always brightest after darkest).

Just a thought. Happy happiness planting!


©2014 Rhégina Sinozich